Bonnie’s Holiday Stress Relieving Tips

Bonnie’s  Holiday Stress Relieving Tips

by Bonnie C. Haufe


  • WRITE To Do list each day so you can set priorities, plan errands & delegate tasks.
  • PLAN what items you need & in what order to get things done so you can minimize rush & worry.
  • FOR a good night’s sleep each night, avoid  caffeine, sugar & alcohol-etc. at least 2 hours before bedtime. Have quiet & still time 1/2 hour before.
  • TO  AVOID morning headaches from salt-laden foods, sugary treats & alcohol, try 2 glasses of water before treat or 2 glasses of water before bedtime.
  • LEAVE for work 10 minutes earlier so you can relax & collect your thoughts before starting your shift.
  • LISTEN to weather report each day on the hour by radio or anytime on mobile phone so you can plan to dress warmly & stay dry!!
  • LEARN to say “NO” to less important activities to leave time for needed studying, work, a good night’s sleep-etc.
  • PREVENT evening arguments for a peaceful sleep..
  • WHEN dealing with crankiness of co-worker or customer, don’t take it personally! They are usually stressed or they have had a bad day.

Immune system boosters:

1)Laugh & smile as much as you can.

2)Have diet rich in fruits, garlic, onions & mushrooms.

3)Sore throat?? Try these options: 1)gargle with warm salt water 2) Eat lemon wedge w/rind

4)Stomach ache? Try ginger ale

5)Cold & nasal stuffiness? 1)Decaf hot tea with honey & lemon or chicken soup

6)Continue routine car maintenance to minimize chance of breakdowns.



About progressofhumanity

I am female bicycle commuter who really cares about sustainable living habits at home, work & on the road.
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